A drum set that is set up to record with microphones.

About M.O.T.H. Recordings

As musicians, we’re all about creating

The M.O.T.H. team works with all artists and producers to use the space and equipment to achieve the best possible performances and recordings.

Staff Bio

A headshot of our cheif Engineer


Recording Studio Engineer

Mark Feener grew up in Bishop’s Falls, NL in a family band. A multi-instrumentalist, he is happiest when he’s in the control room. Mark toured nationally with incredible bands like The Fortunate Ones and was the Front of House Engineer for many music festivals. He has produced albums for many NL artists (Janet Cull, David Picco, Youngtree and the Blooms) and engineered The Festival for Tim Baker. Mark works with artists all over Canada and recently engineered for Producer Greg Wells. He has engineered comedy albums for Just for Laughs and audio books for Penguin Publishing. Within the Terra Bruce Productions family, Mark is the Assistant Technical Director. Because of his love for his work, you’ll most likely find him in the studio, sometimes with his dog Niko at his side.

Terra Bruce Productions

Terra Bruce productions is a company dedicated to the creation and production of original musical theatre in Canada. Based in St. John’s and Toronto, Terra Bruce has multiple shows in development and is currently renovating two historic theatres – The Majestic Theatre in St. John’s and The Regent Theatre in Toronto. With an incredible roster of talent hired as our Resident Artists, we are creating, planning, writing and getting ready to bring our original musicals to stages across the country and beyond.

A Little Bit of History

Built in 1926, it was built by a Mason and his family, constructed from local brick and had many unusual details. There was a house in what is now our parking lot, and the driveway access was narrow. A roundhouse turntable was constructed inside the back of the house, so they could drive their car in, and rotate it so they didn’t have to back it out. In 1981 local dance teacher Judy Knee took over the home and transformed it into the city’s premiere dance studio, where several generations of young dancers spent many hours at the barre.

Let’s Stay In Touch

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